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Beatrice Egli shows herself without makeup – fans cheer!

Beatrice Egli shows herself without makeup – fans cheer!

She knows how to please her fans!

Beatrice Egli (35 years old) is usually very well styled. No wonder: as a successful club singer, she is often on stage. Strong makeup is simply part of it.

But: Schwyzerin can also do something different! And she proves it to her fans in a new video on Instagram. Egli now appears there completely without makeup and with a messy hairstyle.

“Happy Sunday! If only preparation were always quick…”, the musician writes about the short clip.

According to her followers, she did not need makeup at all. Someone says: “You are always a beautiful woman.” Another person raved: “Let your hair down and you'll be perfect.”

Many also agree that Beatrice Egli is a “natural beauty”! At least that's what many of the comments below the post say.

The former 'DSDS' winner recently teased her fans with a new raunchy song. “You, you, you, don't sleep with me tonight. Whatever you want, we can do it, do it, do it. Egli winks generously at the camera from her hotel bed and wags her finger.

She also shared the exciting snippet on her Instagram profile. Her fans were happy to see their idol!

One or the other immediately started dreaming: “What can we do alone? Hmm…let's think about it.”

It is not at all clear whether Beatrice Egli is still available or not. According to rumours, the Swiss pop singer has been dating a German politician for a long time. But she never officially confirmed the relationship.

Silbereisen himself should also be in good hands. According to German media, he is in a relationship with 34-year-old Sarah Hentschel. He was previously with pop queen Helen Fisher (39) for over ten years.

But let's go back to Beatrice Egli: the interpreter of “My Heart” will be seen on TV again this year. She will sit behind the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” jury. Rapper Loredana (28) is also new.