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Windows Update: A new project that updates Windows 95 to XP

Windows Update: A new project that updates Windows 95 to XP

Microsoft has not provided any updates for older generation operating systems such as Windows 95, NT 4.0, 98, Me, 2000 or XP for years. Until the end of the support period, it was sometimes a real challenge for users of these systems to get updates.

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But that’s what independent project operators want Restore Windows Update change now. Via a website based on older Microsoft designs, they offer update files for versions of Windows that have long since been discontinued directly from Redmond.

As a result, retro fans now have the opportunity, for example, to reinstall an old Windows 95 or 98 and then recall all updates ever made available for the operating system that are not yet included in the associated installation data vectors.

Nothing for everyday use on the web

This certainly does not make the systems truly safe to use online. For example, Microsoft hasn’t released any updates for Windows 95 since 2001. For Windows 98 and ME, the group drew the line five years later. Even for the youngest Restore Windows Update For a supported Windows XP operating system, there have been no official new security patches for over nine years.

Even with the latest updates, these older versions of Windows still have countless security holes that won’t be patched in the future. However, the updates provided can be useful, because in some cases Microsoft has also introduced important bug fixes and system add-ons.

The minimum requirement is Internet Explorer 5

If you own an old Windows from the 90’s, you can download updates for it via a file website of Restore Windows Update download. The developers intentionally provided the site without SSL, TLS, or other modern web features, so that it can also be used with the old Internet Explorer 5, which is also the minimum requirement for using the website. If this web browser is not available to you, you can at least get it directly from the project page using a more modern system and then transfer it to the target computer.

Basically, the portal is designed in a similar way to the official Windows update websites that Microsoft took offline in 2011.”With this project we can now upgrade operating systems from Windows 95 all the way to Windows XP RTM as we used to do”, explain the developers on the platform. In addition to security updates, the site also offers “Optional updates, driver updates, and other software typesfor the mentioned operating systems.