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Windows 11's first major update includes a preview of

Windows 11’s first major update includes a preview of

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(Pocket-lint) Microsoft is releasing its first major update for Windows 11 and it includes a public preview (US only) of Android apps on Windows 11.

this is Last updated It actually includes a number of new additions, from redesigned notepad and media player apps to system tray improvements. But the public preview of Android apps on Windows 11 is perhaps the most notable, as it allows you to install apps from the Amazon App Store. It’s fewer Android apps than the Google Play Store, but it’s still pretty cool.

In fact, this early release features over 1,000 apps, including Amazon’s own apps for Audible and Kindle, as well as third-party titles. To start the preview, open and update the Microsoft Store (click Get updates from Microsoft Store > Library), then search for your favorite titles or Explore and download Microsoft’s collection of Android apps and games, download it from the Amazon Appstore.

Another big change related to the taskbar: the time and date are finally available on multiple screens. The weather widget is back too, and there’s a new mute/unmute feature in the taskbar for Microsoft Teams calls. You can also share the screen of a specific app or window directly from the taskbar during a Microsoft Teams call. For redesigned Windows 11 apps, Notepad now includes a multi-level undo, updated search interface, and dark mode support, while Groove Music media player app replaces with a new design.

Microsoft promises more features for Windows 11 along with the Annual Update, and it’s also testing beta features this year, such as: b. Background stickers and updated tablet mode.

Written by Maggie Tillman.