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Calamities Trailer - Switch

“Calamities Trailer – Switch” video from 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

conclusion 13 Guardians: Aegis RimAnd 09/25/2020:

In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, 13 players travel through time and space to save the world from an impending apocalypse. The Journey, in which 13 perspectives come together to form an epic story, is set primarily in fictional Japan and spans from the 1940s into the 22nd century. You search and try and fail and look for alternatives. Although the routes to the destination are largely predetermined, there are also many dead-ends that can be avoided or taken on purpose. After all, even failure can give you unique insights. In addition to the great adventure part, in which you mainly collect keywords and thus influence the dialogues, there is also combat: in the fantastic team-based mech battles, where waves of attackers in active time battle style from a computer station are kept away. The machines can be individually equipped and improved, and the station can be expanded in stages. The staging as usual from VanillaWare is charming and detailed, with the story and combat missions connected excellently despite the repetition associated with the structure. Fans of anime and science fiction should not miss this excellent mix of genres!