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“I will always carry love for him in my heart.”

“I will always carry love for him in my heart.”

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MontanaBlack used to be a very close friend of ApoRed and he has to watch his change with a heavy heart. The pain is deep.

Buxtehude – MontanaBlack started on YouTube at that time. First, he showed short videos of Call of Duty gameplay and told his fans stories from everyday life. ApoRed also used to be more active when it came to games like Fortnite and CoD, but “All rights“Now he repeatedly makes headlines due to scandals. After justifying his latest adventures, MontanaBlack settles his scores with ApoRed.

full name Marcel Thomas Andreas Eres
known as Montana Black
birthday March 2, 1988
place of birth Buxtehude
YouTube subscribers 2,960,000 (as of October 2023)
Followers on Twitch 5,100,000 (as of October 2023)

‘I’m very disappointed in ApoRed’: Montana Black mourns the old hand

What happened? Once again, ApoRed has made headlines with a business scam and has become the focus of KuchenTV. MontanaBlack is more than happy to respond to his opinion blog videos, and even though he’s already seen ApoRed’s justification, he can at least eat something for another 20 minutes instead of entertaining his viewers himself. Such a justification sounds familiar when you consider how ApoRed pretends to be a millionaire in front of a used clothes bin.

MontanaBlack mourns the old ApoRed: “The times of the main characters are long gone” © Twitch: MontanaBlack / dpa: Maltese Christians (montage)

This is what Monty says: But he even says a few words about his former friend ApoRed. “I have a hard time shooting the ApoRed“Despite the very problematic content,” says the streamer.In the last 1 to 2 yearsMontana Black enthuses:I will always have love in my heart for him“. although “CoD and Fortnite Red“, as Monty calls him, was already a critical person at that time, but it was the new changes that really upset him. YouTuber MiiMii collected evidence against ApoRed.

Fire safe rabbit

In 2018, ApoRed was given a suspended prison sentence of seven months and 200 hours of community service. The reason for this was a “prank” video in which he pretended to detonate bombs in downtown Hamburg. In other videos before this, ApoRed also insulted people in chat roulette with homophobia, misogyny and basically everything that was problematic.

Monty himself made mistakes promoting fraudulent content — perhaps a reference to MontanaBlack’s NFT ad, which made violent headlines. But he regrets it and can only hope that ApoRed will eventually realize that this is not okay. With trading ads like “All Right,” people always have ulterior motives and are out to get your money.

This is how MontanaBlack thinks about ApoRed – “The days of the main character are over.”

At the end of the day, you can only hope he’s not serious and it’s just a show“, MontanaBlack is visibly disgusted when ApoRed falls into one of the ‘main character’s’ obsessed episodes.”The days of the main character of ApoRed are long gone“, complains the streamer and wishes for his old friend’s return. We’ve included the video with MontanaBlack’s reaction here.

It remains to be seen whether ApoRed will turn a 180 degree turn or whether it will eventually turn out that we are all “sucker“She – as the rabbit who abuses English vocabulary likes to say. Until then, MontanaBlack’s advice is not to fall for commercial scams like this and not to click on any content that you do not want to support.