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Who will take his place in the Leverkusen defense center?

Who will take his place in the Leverkusen defense center?

In the center of the Leverkusen defense is a seat next to Jonathan Tah. There are three candidates.

Can move to the center of defense: Piero Hincapi.
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Bayer Leverkusen is preparing for the second half of the season earlier than many of its rivals, two days before New Year’s Eve. In fact, one might think – a little cynically – that Gerardo Siwan’s team already has enough to work on and improve. The most favorable starting position for the second half of the season has been very carelessly lost, and the problems have long been recognized. The possibility of them being banned depends on the mood under Bayer Cross in the coming months.

It is not easy for the coach. Two defenders will be absent in the first matches of the second half of the season, both Edmond Tabsoba (for Burkina Faso) and Odilon Kosono (for Ivory Coast) are participating with their teams in the African Cup, which will be held. In Cameroon from January 9 to February 6 it was held.

The trio should help

The fact affects many professionals at the same time. Piero Hincape (20), for example – as a left-back is one of the discoveries of the first half of the season – could move into central defence, doing his job there alongside Jonathan Tah. Greek Panos Ritsos, 23, has long been trying to change the winter break, and now he can calculate his chances of playing next door to him. Finally, there is also Timothy Fosu-Mensah (23). The Dutchman, who joined a year ago, has healed a torn cruciate ligament and wants to attack again. The coaching team considers the right-back an alternative to the central defense.

Fusu-Mensah, Ritsos and Hinkabier – a trio that should help Bayer through time without Tapsoba and Kusono. Under no circumstances will an additional player be assigned to the position, and those there must rule. It’s unclear who Seoane is thinking. What indicates hincape is the fact that it is the only left appendix among the candidates. He is a central defender in the Ecuadorean national team as well as in his previous clubs.