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Whatsapp: has a new job - it should be possible soon

Whatsapp: has a new job – it should be possible soon

Whatsapp: has a new job – it should be possible soon

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

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Who would prefer to contact a doctor instead of a doctor The WhatsApp heart *turn* face? Maybe no one yet.

But this could soon change. Because in cooperation with the offers of the insurance company The WhatsApp From now on a new service. Here you can find out how he can help you in case of illness.

Whatsapp: Instead of hiring a doctor, you can make the diagnosis with an app – Emma makes it possible

The Federation of German Foreign Employees offers a new service to all clients who have taken out international insurance there. In Emma, ​​a digital health assistant, they must receive first aid in case of illness. If you describe symptoms for Emma, ​​you can make an initial assessment of where the symptoms may appear and how severe they are.


This is WhatsApp:

  • The most popular instant messenger in the world
  • Install via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)
  • If you don’t want to send emojis anymore, you can also send stickers or gifs to your friends
  • In the settings, you can set a regular backup date – so your data is always backed up
  • Belongs to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook empire


When customers sign up for the service, they can choose which messaging service they want to use to communicate with Emma. This can also be done via WhatsApp, for example. There they can write to the chat program and get an approximate explanation of their symptoms of the disease. The bot also provides the possibility to contact a specialist directly.


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Because what is so important, as well”chip“She asserts: Emma, ​​like Google, cannot replace a real doctor. If you feel really bad or unwell for an extended period of time, you should in all circumstances see a doctor. (mbo)

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