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Web Browsers: Emergency Update for Google Chrome - Update Now

Web Browsers: Emergency Update for Google Chrome – Update Now

web browser Chrom In the stable version 99.0.4844.84 about linuxAnd the macOS And the windows Posted. It only contains one bug fix, where the manufacturer closes an anonymously reported security hole on Wednesday of the week. The company has confirmed that the exploit code has already appeared in the wild.

In the release blog, Google developers only list the vulnerability blocking the new release. As usual, they are reluctant to provide details about user protection at this time. Only a brief description shows that this is a kind of vulnerability to confusion.

The program does not check the type of transmitted data correctly, which can lead to all kinds of errors due to the lack of type conversion and data structures of different sizes, for example in subsequent copy operations – the resulting buffer overflow is conceivable, which allows the injected malicious code to be executed their implementation.

Weakness affects According to the Google version blog Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine (CVE-2022-1096). Chrome developer level that risk weakness like high a. Details of the vulnerability are missing, but visiting a maliciously tampered website might be enough to exploit the vulnerability – JavaScript can use any website.

The update should be distributed over the next few days and weeks. However, it is advisable to check if the fixed version of the bugs is already installed after clicking on the three-dot menu under “Help” – “About Google Chrome” in the menu at the top right. If necessary, this will start the download and installation.

To activate the new version, a restart of the browser is required. Recently, Google closed serious security holes in the Chrome web browser about two weeks ago.


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