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Previously, Lynx School only existed in fan stories

Previously, Lynx School only existed in fan stories

From Rhonda Bachmann
CD Projekt has announced the launch of a new game in the Witcher universe. As revealed by the developers, the medal on the teaser image posted is really a lynx. However, there is no school for the lynx in books, games, or series. So far, he’s only appeared in fan stories created by the Witcher community.

CD Projekt developers announced on Monday that on a A new game in the Witcher world for work. It was not mentioned what the game will be about and when it will be released. Only one photo was posted, and it’s The Witcher in the Snow Medal Displays. However, it was not Geralt’s necklace that decorated the head of a wolf. The locket in the picture was more cats, like a lynx. A few days later, CD Projekt confirmed that the necklace on display was indeed an animal.

There is no Lynx school in The Witcher

The question of whether it was a locket and a claw has left Witcher fans confused. Because there is no school and no crack in the books, nor in the games, or even the Netflix series. Therefore, some players assumed that the series shown was a cat. The School of Cats is already known from the books, however, the Witcher’s World Cats medal looks different than what CD Projekt showed to advertise “The Witcher 4”.

After Global Community Manager Marcin Mumut responded to Lynx’s question via Twitter Already with a nod Global Communications Director Robert Malinowski replied that the chain was Lynx. The developers of CD Projekt may have searched a bit around the community for the new game. Because the only place where the Lynx School is in the Witcher universe is in fan stories.

In the story of Society, wizard Lambert and wizard Kira Metz travel after the events of The Witcher 3 To the south. There they join the Cat School, which they eventually reform at the Lynx School. It’s unlikely that “The Witcher 4” really had anything to do with “Fanon”, a fan. Even one of the authors of the lynx story does not believe it. “we [die Fanfiction-Autoren] Don’t claim their own terms like ‘school [hier Tiername einfügen]”And everyone is completely free to create their own Witcher School without taking into account our ideas – CD Projekt included.”

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