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USA: The assistant receives feedback instead of tips

USA: The assistant receives feedback instead of tips


The maid will want to drop this “tip”.

Someone forgoes a tip because the husband is called a “sweetheart” at the store — leaving a nasty comment instead. This incident has increased the anger of the people.


This receipt of omitting a tip because of a nickname causes angry reactions.


  • The picture of the receipt is drawing criticism on social media.

  • Apparently someone in America didn’t tip.

  • Reason: The husband was called “dear” in the restaurant.

A receipt image posted on the photo forum Imgur is causing quite a stir. 32.76 dollars (29 francs) Order costBut a hint Apparently not happening: “Don’t call my husband dear” customer wrote in the field, which will be given to this.

Irritating reactions

The image was posted with the caption, “It might be a tip, but she’s trying to make a living.” Many users on social media were outraged by the remark and defended the maid’s behaviour.

“What an insecure bitch. A side note: Tipping should be abolished. Pay your staff a living wage. Waitresses and waiters should not be dependent on people like this woman,” one commented. Another asserted that the term “sweetheart” is uncommon in many parts of America: “In the southern states of America everyone is called Honey, Sweetie, Sweetheart, and — my favorite — Sugar.”

“It’s part of their vocabulary.”

Another user also supported the nickname: “Do you know how many times a waitress called me girlfriend, girlfriend or girlfriend? Well, not often. But when it does, they tend to say it to everyone because it’s part of their vocabulary. It’s the way they finish certain sentences. I didn’t think much of it.”

Tipping is part of the social norm in America. Taken together, wages and tips must reach the legal minimum wage – which is $7.25 (CHF 6.42) an hour at the federal level. One user sees the payer’s behavior as a reason against dealing in the US: “It’s the reason civilized countries have abolished tip-based jobs.”

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