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USA Shortly before the “shutdown” – Republican leader announces new plan

USA Shortly before the “shutdown” – Republican leader announces new plan

As of: September 30, 2023 at 7:32 p.m

Just hours before the deadline, GOP leader McCarthy makes another attempt to avoid a shutdown. His new plan calls for an interim budget that does not include any aid to Ukraine.

Shortly before the impending government shutdown, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced a new effort to prevent a so-called last-minute shutdown. “We will put clean bridge funding on the table to keep the government open for 45 days,” the US House leader declared. This should allow time to agree on an appropriate federal budget.

The interim budget should contain funds for disaster control and border security. But the project does not provide any assistance to Ukraine, which is under attack from Russia. In doing so, McCarthy appears to be co-opting the far right into his party. Recently, they have repeatedly called for funds allocated to Ukraine to be invested in the United States.

“no Home component “For Ukraine”

McCarthy said his proposal did not include “any budget component for Ukraine.” If US President Joe Biden speaks out against this, he will be responsible for the stalemate. The White House had originally called for the budget to include $24 billion for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Republicans have a slim majority in the House of Representatives. It is unclear whether McCarthy has any support within his ranks for the interim budget. Recently, the radicals in his party opposed another project that already involved significant savings – and they want to oppose any short-term financing measure. It is not clear what exactly they are demanding, as the parliamentary group in the House of Representatives is completely divided.

A risky strategy for McCarthy

Even if McCarthy obtains sufficient support from his party colleagues for his new project, it is unlikely that it will pass the Senate – the second chamber of the US Parliament. The Democrats, led by US President Joe Biden, enjoy the majority there. In addition, the time is actually very short.

McCarthy’s new draft could simply result in Democrats ultimately being blamed for the shutdown.

For him, the strategy, in which he will have to rely on the support of Democrats in the House of Representatives, also poses a huge risk – he could lose his position as president.

Effects depend on the duration of the “off”.

The budget period approved by the US Congress at the end of last year expires on Sunday evening (midnight US Eastern time, 6 am CEST). By then, a decision must be made on a new federal budget or a transition budget in order to avoid bankruptcy.

The “lockdown” means that millions of government employees will no longer receive their salaries. Many ministries and authorities have contingency plans for this eventuality. So most military personnel continue to work – but for now without pay. How seriously the “shutdown” affects daily life and the economy in the USA depends on its length.