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USA: Biden passes infrastructure program - expects 'millions of jobs'

USA: Biden passes infrastructure program – expects ‘millions of jobs’

Washington. US President Joe Biden hailed Congress’ massive infrastructure investment program as a “giant step” for his country. On Saturday, Biden said at the White House that the program would create “millions of jobs.” “It puts us on the path to winning economic competition with China and other major countries in the 21st century.”

“For those back home who feel left behind and forgotten in a rapidly changing economy, this law is for you,” he added. Biden announced that he would soon sign the law at an official ceremony.

Infrastructure program is a core project

The infrastructure program is one of Biden’s core domestic political projects. The Congress decided on Saturday evening after months of controversy.

About 550 billion US dollars (476 billion euros) of new investment has been allocated to modernize the country’s infrastructure over the next few years. In total — including previously budgeted money — the package is worth more than $1 trillion. A violent row between Biden Democrats over a second billion-dollar legislative package with investments in social benefits and climate protection has long held up infrastructure plans.

Biden was optimistic that this second package would be passed by Congress. He said he was confident that enough votes would be cast. At the same time, he defended cuts in the original draft that were intended to appease internal party critics. “You can’t have everything you want,” Biden said. Given the Democrats’ defeat in Virginia’s gubernatorial election last Thursday, he said people expect “us to make it happen. We proved last night that we can do it.”