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US: Special investigator requests Trump’s speech ban

US: Special investigator requests Trump’s speech ban

Ahead of the election conspiracy trial against former US President Donald Trump, special counsel Jack Smith has asked the court to bar him from speaking in advance about the actions of the Republican Party.
Trump’s verbal attacks against Justice Department employees, the Washington public and Judge Tanya Sutgan have already led to threats from his supporters against prosecutors, the court and potential jurors, Smith said.

The former president’s rhetoric could have “a tangible impact on the impartiality of the jury pool” from which the jurors for his trial were selected.

“Since Trump has four impeachments, his campaign will be a challenge in terms of planning,” said Claudia Bates of Washington.

August 25, 2023 | 01:38 min

Therefore, the Court should direct the Republican Party to refrain from making defamatory, inflammatory and threatening statements about anyone who may be involved in fact or in the process.

Smith listed some of Trump’s public statements in his application. He did this after being indicted by the federal Justice Department in early August for his efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and stay in power.

“If you hurt me, I’ll hurt you!” Online networks are one of them.

After Smith’s statements, Trump described Judge Sudgan as a “fraud” and Smith’s staff as a “bunch of thugs.” The US capital Washington condemned Trump as “dirty and criminal” and its population “more than 95 percent anti-Trump”.

Washington reporter Elmer Thevisen says former President Trump’s plan is to “become president again and thereby protect himself from prison.”

August 4, 2023 | 02:44 minutes

The trial begins on March 4, 2024

The investigation into Trump comes as his supporters attempt to storm a January 6, 2021 session of Congress that is supposed to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. Trump pleaded not guilty and asked Sutkan to dismiss the case for bias.

In late August, the judge set March 4 as the start date in Washington. It starts a day before what is called “Super Tuesday”. On this day, the presidential election is held in more than ten states. Trump wants to run for president again.