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US seeks Swiss-Russian dual citizens

US seeks Swiss-Russian dual citizens

Western sanctions against Russia are a hotly debated topic. Among other things, it is often doubted whether the measures are actually effective. According to reports, they are repeatedly successfully avoided.

In this case, the American authorities are currently looking for 52-year-old Vladislav Osipov. According to the FBI, the Moscow-born man also has Swiss citizenship. Now he even has a million US dollars (about 880,000 francs) on his head!

According to the FBI, Osipov speaks English, German and Russian. Among other things, he is said to have connections with the Herliberg ZH community. Specifically, the FBI alleges bank fraud and money laundering.

As reported by “Le Temps” newspaper, Ossipov allegedly helped a Russian oligarch evade sanctions. Precisely, this is Victor Vekselberg, co-founder of the Renova Group.

As an employee of Vekselberg, Osipov created a structure of shell companies. The target: He wanted to hide that Vekselberg was the owner of the luxury yacht Tango. In April 2022, it was impounded in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The 78-meter-long vessel cost 90 million dollars (almost 80 million francs).

Vekselberg is considered one of the richest people in Russia and lives in Zug province. According to the Americans, he is close to President Vladimir Putin. However, the oligarchy denies this. He has been subject to US sanctions since 2018.