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United Kingdom – Closer burial: What will be the funeral of the late Prince Concord Philip?

United Kingdom

Funerals in close circle: What will be the final service for the late Prince Concord Philip

The funeral and memorial service for Prince Philip will be held on a small scale. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has distanced himself from the event – albeit with credible justification.

Flowers and Memorial Card in front of Windsor Castle: Despite calls from the royal family not to resign, many Britons insisted on expressing their condolences over the weekend.

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The Duke of Edinburgh in Great Britain thought in many ways about the weekend – the biggest prints in the newspapers, the detailed ratings on all the TV channels, the gun salutations and the memorial services. The House of Commons and regional parliaments are planning monuments to the princely wife of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Friday. Saturday’s final service will be limited to 30 guests according to Govt regulations, but will be broadcast live on television.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace called on the population to move away from the usual floral greetings at the gates of government houses and to donate to charities. In addition, mourners can register a virtual condolence book on the royal family’s website. Nevertheless, small groups gathered in front of Windsor Castle, where Prince Philip died at the age of 99.

The relationship between father and son has long been considered damaged

The heir to the throne, Charles, described his “dear papa” as a “very special person” in a short video message and thanked him for his sympathy. The relationship between Philip and his eldest son was thought to have been damaged for many years, but in recent years it is said to have improved considerably. During his last hospital stay in Philip, the Prince of Wales was the first bed visitor. “My family and I miss my father so much,” the 72-year-old said.

At Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Justin Welby praised the Duke in front of 120 “for his remarkable willingness to face his mission.” When the High Priest of the Anglican State Church presides over the funeral on Saturday, only 30 mourners will gather at Fort George Church of Windsor. The royal family thus complies with the official code of conduct.

Philip did not particularly want a state funeral

Two months before the deceased’s 100th birthday, he refused the state funeral he deserved and begged for a less glorious ceremony at St. George’s Church in Windsor Castle. Under normal circumstances, the funeral service on Saturday at 3 pm local time (4 pm CEST) would have been a meeting between high-ranking politicians and the international aristocracy.

In the age of govt epidemics, it is not surprising that guests from abroad are generally expected to avoid traveling to the funeral. In addition, Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled his participation in order to accommodate an extended family – in addition to the widow, four children, nine grandchildren and ten grandchildren and cousins.