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Corona virus in Australia – disciplines – but Australia’s borders closed – news


One year after the corona epidemic, Australia is back to normal. But residents pay a price.

Most restaurants in Australia are reopened, almost no mask required, and there are parties again. According to experts, the reasons for this are closed national borders, severe communication derailment and the discipline of Australians.

SRF Australia reporter Urswald lives near the capital Canberra. He knows: “Closed boundaries are a great frustration for many.” In principle, you cannot enter or leave the country. Exceptions are rarely possible. “In addition, parts of the states are isolated at short notice when new corona cases occur. Fortunately, these are becoming rare. “

8,000 francs for an air ticket

About 40,000 foreign citizens are waiting to return to Australia. This is not going well with the victims and their relatives. Some questioned whether the government could be prosecuted, and Walterlin said: “It’s really unbelievable how little effort Prime Minister Scott Morrison is making to bring these people home.”

You must purchase one of these fully priced tickets. Or just be where you are.

There is no withdrawal campaign like the one Switzerland organized last year: “People are on their own.” You have no choice, says Walterlin: “You have to buy one of the absolutely more expensive tickets for one of the few flights that actually happens.” These can cost up to 8,000 francs. «Or stay where you are. For many, this is not financially feasible. “

2500 francs for an isolated hotel

However, the Australians did not rebel against the government’s guidelines. “You believe in power here and you do more or less what the government tells you,” Walterlin said.

In addition, Australia already has 200 years of isolated experience. “Even then, newcomers had to be isolated before they could be evicted from the population.” But today it was a bit expensive: “First come, first served 2500 francs a week in a dark isolated hotel in one room.”

Communication tracking is widely accepted

Open the boxClose the box

In the daily lives of Australians, finding contact is nowhere to be found, says SRF reporter Urs Volderlin. “You have to sign in with an app everywhere. For example, when you go to a restaurant, there is a table at the entrance where you can register and disinfect your hands. Then you will be allowed inside. “This too is often tested:” People take it very seriously because it usually works. “Thanks to discipline, lawsuits can be pursued and contacts warned. ‘

The government wants to vaccinate people and reopen the border by October. But the vaccination campaign was delayed. People in the country may have to wait for their injection until the beginning of next year. The reporter fears that the number of cases will rise again. Because people have to work. Due to some support from the government, many were able to stay away from work by working from home. But it stops now. “

Foreigners living here can pick up their outfit to celebrate Christmas in their old homeland.

However, Walterlin believes the consequences are serious. “Until the majority of people are vaccinated, the borders will definitely be closed.” Nine million tourists to Australia will be away for another year. “Anyway, I will not be booking a holiday in Australia for now. Foreigners living here can remove the decoration that can celebrate Christmas in their old homeland. “