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United Kingdom: Agencies withdraw image of Kate over suspicion of tampering

United Kingdom: Agencies withdraw image of Kate over suspicion of tampering

Several international news agencies have retracted images of Princess Kate and her children due to suspected manipulation. The photo, released by Kensington Palace, is the first official image of the Princess of Wales since undergoing stomach surgery in January. The palace had it on Sunday to mark Britain's Mother's Day Published on site X. It was rebroadcast by several international news agencies.

A photo released by Kensington Palace shows Kate, Princess of Wales, with her children Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Suspicions have been raised that the film has been digitally manipulated. © Kensington Palace/PA Media/dpa

According to the US news agency AP, after careful review, it appeared to have been manipulated by the source “in a way that does not meet AP's photographic standards”. The photo shows an inconsistency in the depiction of Princess Charlotte's left hand. News agencies Reuters and AFP also retracted the film.

The photo has previously been picked up by several British and international media outlets. Also a BBC broadcaster He used it in his newscasts.

Unlike AP, British news agency PA, from which dpa also took the picture, initially decided not to retract it. However, a spokesman said Kensington Palace had been urgently sought clarification. No one at Kensington Palace could initially be reached to respond to a dpa query. A written request for comment was not initially responded to.

Prince William is said to have taken the controversial photo

There has been speculation about Kate's health in recent weeks, and the photo seems to defy it. However, it now threatens to become a PR disaster. The Daily Telegraph Monday's edition ran the headline next to the photo, “Palace photo doctored, agencies say.”

In the picture, Kate can be seen sitting in a garden chair on a veranda surrounded by her children. She crossed her legs on the ground in front of her. Her arms are wrapped around the waists of her two youngest children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who are seen to her left and right. Charlotte sits with one leg on the armrest. Behind the gate can be seen his eldest son Prince George. Kate laughs and the kids are so happy.

Palace's X page said: “Thank you for all your kind wishes and continued support over the past two months. Happy Mother's Day everyone.” The text is signed with a C for Catherine – a sign that she wrote the text. The post says the photo was taken by Prince William.