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A new GPU model with the AD103 chip has been spotted

A new GPU model with the AD103 chip has been spotted

After the first rumors appeared in mid-March that Nvidia would replace individual RTX 4000 graphics card chips, the first case appears to have been confirmed. Like a portal TechPowerUp Citing one user, the RTX 4070 has debuted with a modified chip. Specifically, it is said to be an MSI Ventux model

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This was observed after the GPU-Z tool was unable to properly recognize a newly purchased graphics card, according to a TechPowerUp user. However, based on the device ID number, you can determine that this is actually an RTX 4070 with an AD103 chipset. Nvidia drivers from version 551.86 (current: 552.22 WHQL) are also able to recognize the GPU correctly.

This does not change the basic specifications of the RTX 4070; Nvidia simply deactivates more of the chip when switching from the AD104-251 to the AD103-175-KX. This leaves 5,888 shader units, 46 streaming multiprocessors, and 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM, which is processed over a 192-bit interface. However, the TechPowerUp report speculates that switching to AD103 could have potential repercussions on power consumption and heat generation.