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Schlager star Beatrice Egli reveals: This is the man of her dreams!

Schlager star Beatrice Egli reveals: This is the man of her dreams!

Just over ten years ago, Beatrice Egli's career got off to a great start on the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS). The show actually made her a superstar, or rather one of the most successful German-speaking pop singers. She has sold over a million records, filled large halls on tour and has her own hit show, “The Great Beatrice Egli Show.” Answer. Her fans are also interested in the Swiss woman's private life – which she has now revealed a little more about.

Dream Man: Beatrice Egli wants “Romeo”

Beatrice Egli and love – the topic arouses great interest among her fans. After all, according to her own statements, the singer has been searching for a long time. the magazine New Publication The now 35-year-old revealed: “I'm wondering: Where's my Romeo?”

Until 2013, Egli was in a relationship with Reto Steiner, twelve years his senior, for five years, but avoided public and media hype. Egli explained at the time in an interview with Swiss magazines“If he doesn't want the spotlight, I respect that.” In 2019, she revealed in a podcast: “Ritu is still a very important person in my life to this day.”

Since then, pop star Iglee has not had a permanent partner by her side. In conversation with New Publication “I get to know someone every now and then, but there's never been a spark,” she has now revealed. Are the pop star's demands too high? “Of course I have certain desires,” the singer admits. The man of your dreams should have a great sense of humor and a big heart.

By the way: Beatrice Egli almost went to the second round of DSDS. So the life of the butcher's daughter and trained actress was very different.

Beatrice Egli: How do you imagine the ideal partner?

She revealed exactly what the man of her dreams should bring with him a few years ago on the TV cooking show “Grill den Henssler”: “It's not about looks. It's important to me that he is a man, has some kind of personality, and is emotional.” And he has something in his life that he's passionate about.” At the time, she also clarified that she doesn't share every love affair with the public right away. And: “I'm a confident, happy woman and I don't make my personal happiness dependent on a man.”

What her future partner is not allowed to have: a cat. Compared with the Multidrug resistant “Honestly, I’m afraid of cats,” Egli admitted in 2021, and talks about frank “panic” due to childhood experiences.

By the way: Schlager icon Mary Ross also revealed what a potential partner should definitely not bring with them.

Beatrice Egli and Florian Silbereisen: What are the truth about the rumours?

In the past there were also rumors that the Swiss musician was in a love affair with pop star Florian Silbereisen. Finally, the two became suspiciously close on some hit TV shows. In the “Schlagerchampions” hosted by Silbereisen, the two ended up in bed for a joint show – for a pillow fight. “So now we have a little bed story?” Silbereisen performed “We Only Know That”.

The song is a humorous response to rumours, as Egli explained in an interview last year: “The newspapers and the internet are full of reports about us anyway. So we wanted to turn the tables and make a song that covers a lot of news.” Show us the headlines.”

So there shouldn't be anything more than hints to rumors. After all, the presenter must also have a girlfriend: loud Colorful He has been dating a woman named Sarah Hentschel since 2021. He still has the tattoo that reminds him of his ex-girlfriend, Queen of Pop Helen Fisher.