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Despite cancer: King Charles expected in Australia in 2024

Despite cancer: King Charles expected in Australia in 2024

In May 2023, days before his coronation, King Charles (L.) welcomes Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to Buckingham Palace. A repeat visit is now being discussed. Photo: IMAGO/i Images

King Charles III is currently abdicating – but is now rumored to be traveling to Australia in 2024. This will be his first visit to a Commonwealth country after his accession to the throne.

Despite his cancer diagnosis, King Charles III. (75) This year he is expected to visit Australia, where he is the country's president. The British “Daily Mail” reports Quoting the Australian Prime Minister.

The Queen was last in Australia in 2011, and Charles in 2018

It was the first visit by a reigning monarch after 13 years. Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II (1926–2022), last visited the continent in October 2011 for eleven days. His successor has also been down several times, but not as a reigning king. When Charles won the Commonwealth Games in 2018R When he went to the Gold Coast, he was still the Crown Prince.

On February 5, Buckingham Palace announced that the 75-year-old was suffering from “cancer” and was undergoing “routine treatments”. That is why he is currently not making any appointment. But once his condition improves, the Australian government expects a royal visit, the Daily Mail reported. The British newspaper quoted Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, 61, as saying: “Australia is preparing for a possible visit by His Majesty the King to Australia later this year.”

Royal family 'always welcome' in Australia

Albanese continued: “The King has shown his compassion for Australians affected by recent natural disasters, just as Australians have shown compassion and support for the King following his cancer diagnosis.” The King, Queen and members of the royal family are “always welcome in Australia”.

Charles has made 15 official visits to Australia over the years. The last three times he went with his wife Camilla (76). The next trip will catch him with his mother, who has visited the country 16 times. Australia is a special place for King: he is said to have had a close relationship with the country since 1966, when he spent two semesters at the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School in Victoria. And he said in an interview that his year in Australia was the most pleasant of his entire school days.