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UN experts criticize the United States for its “terrorism list” and human rights violations

UN experts criticize the United States for its “terrorism list” and human rights violations

Geneva. A working group of UN experts called on the United States to review the way it declares other countries as “state sponsors of terrorism” and thus impose specific sanctions.

There are currently four countries on the US State Department's list: Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Iran, and Syria.

Experts warn that inclusion on the list will negatively impact basic human rights such as the rights to life, food, health, education, economic and social rights, and the right to development.

This designation was made unilaterally by the United States government, which “violates the fundamental principles of international law, including the principle of sovereign equality of states, the prohibition of interference in the internal affairs of states, and the principle of the peaceful settlement of international disputes.” They state that these principles are generally recognized binding rules of international law.

The group also criticizes the fact that the terrorism listing procedures are “unclear and non-transparent.” Some of the numerous laws and regulations have created fear, insecurity and “excessive compliance among humanitarian and other actors operating or wishing to operate in the territories of these countries.”

The “states supporting terrorism” designation particularly affects countries “that are already subject to other unilateral coercive measures with potentially catastrophic impacts on the humanitarian situation and human rights.”

Experts have previously expressed concerns about the negative consequences of “over-compliance with the US government.” Additional restrictions and unilateral sanctions under the provisions of the SST Agreement will have a deterrent effect and prevent access to designated countries.

“This comprehensive isolation of the state designated as a sponsor of terrorism may negatively impact the delivery of essential supplies, including food, medicines, medical equipment and other supplies, including relief materials under humanitarian resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council,” the group warned. It calls on the United States to fully comply with its international obligations, “including extraterritorially.”

Experts engaging with the US government on this issue call for a complete review of the current designations framework for state sponsors of terrorism and for it to remain under the authority of the Security Council, as set forth in the UN Charter. Until it is repealed, the United States will have to take measures to prevent negative humanitarian impacts.