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UK steps up cooperation with Poland –

UK steps up cooperation with Poland –

British and Polish foreign and defense ministers on Wednesday signed a Strategic Partnership 2030 agreement to strengthen foreign, defense and security cooperation between the two countries.

The strategic partnership sets common priorities, including defense capabilities and operations, cooperation in Belarus and China, and builds on the 2017 UK-Poland Defense and Security Cooperation Agreement, the UK Ministry of Defense said in a press release.

“Our 2030 Partnership promises the UK and Poland even greater defense, security and foreign policy cooperation in the future,” Wise said.

The partnership also aims to strengthen cooperation between the two countries’ armed forces by “increasing the intensity and frequency of joint exercises, strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defense posture, and standing together in our approaches to the Indo-Pacific.” liberation

“As a historic security partner and NATO ally, Britain stands with Poland to defend NATO’s eastern flank and to support Ukraine against Russian aggression,” Wallace said.