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UBS-Quali: New Name, Old Compulsory Stakes

UBS-Quali: New Name, Old Compulsory Stakes

The old name for the UBS qualification system was PMM: “Performance Measurement and Management”.

This provided five ratings, from miserable (“in need of improvement”) to over-performers. For each class there was a predetermined number of percent people, obstinately according to Gauss.

A year ago, PMM Replaced with “myImpact”.. Above all, the compulsion to have bad employees on every team led to change.

myImpact is used during these weeks. Anyone who hoped that UBS officials had learned lessons from the PMM disaster is wrong.

Agile – now also in the playoffs (R. Hamers, LinkedIn)

Again there is a mandatory specification from above, personnel service, i.e. human resources. The team and department heads should classify a certain number of employees as ‘in need of improvement’.

source says so. UBS has not yet responded to a request to this effect.

According to the informant, the problem with the new myImpact effect goes even further. This states that subordinates will qualify their superiors as well.

The idea is not only the bosses’ grades to the employees, but also the employees’ qualifications to the bosses.

looks good. However, there is a small problem. The superiors will classify and qualify their subordinates at a time when they themselves are not yet qualified by the latter.

Insiders say the so-called “management team classification”, i.e. how forces view superiors, will be fixed “before there is feedback from employees”.

MyImpact, Made by UBS: This seems to open the door to dismissing people who are no longer wanted.