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Two bees open a bottle of Fanta - and the Internet goes off

Two bees open a bottle of Fanta – and the Internet goes off

Two bees open a bottle of Fanta – and the Internet goes off

According to the motto “If you steal our honey, we will steal your Fanta”, there are two bees busy with a bottle of Fanta. Somewhat amused, the fantasy begins to shoot the scene. Soon their entertainment turns to blasphemy When the bees open the bottle cap together and finally take off.

It was the most memorable moment in São Paulo Brazil Withstood the anxiety now Social media Strife and horror at the same time.

This Twitter user sees the end of humanity approaching:

“Well, that’s all for humanity. We ran really well, but if the bees mastered the screw cap, that would be the beginning of the end.”

Maybe bees are responsible for a lot more things than we think …

“If you asked me yesterday if bees could open a soda bottle, I would have laughed and said no, and I was 99.999% sure I was right.
Today I look at everything funny in my house and wonder if “bees did that”.

Epidemiologist Erich Feigl Deng with a play on words that unfortunately work only moderately in the German language:

«When the bees open Fanta –
Narrator: ‘Thus, children, develop the diabetes.’ ‘

No happy ending according to this user:

“For the bees to open Fanta is a very good thing, but we all know they’ll go there and drown. Unfortunately.”

Is there a sophisticated marketing plan behind the bee campaign?

«[Vor zwei Jahren in der viralen Marketing-Abteilung]
‘It seems like a lot of money is being spent on beekeepers.’
‘These things take time, Chad!’

This user, in turn, sees the whole thing calmly:

“Oh, if it cares. It’s just a Fanta. When the bees start rolling their joints, I’ll be anxious.”

It can be considered a turning point in the history of bees:

“In a few years, when bees rule the world, this will be one of the anthropological videos that show little bees about the key moment in their species evolution. Just like people used primitive tools for the first time.”

Wait … isn’t that a great idea?

“Wait, why don’t we always give Fanta to the bees so we can have Fanta-flavored honey?”


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