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"Super Moon" - The Moon is rarely this close - meteorology

“Super Moon” – The Moon is rarely this close – meteorology


The moon is currently very close to Earth and thus appears particularly large and bright, and it is already the second so-called “super moon” this year. Next time the moon won’t be close until June 2022.

If the point in time at which the moon is particularly close to Earth coincides with the full moon, one speaks colloquially of a “super moon”. On Wednesday morning at 3:50 am, the moon reached the point closest to Earth. However, at this stage, he was not yet complete: he did not reach the full moon phase until early in the afternoon.

The most beautiful pictures of the moon

Especially large on the horizon

The moon appears at its best when it is near the horizon – that is, when the moon rises or when the moon sets. This optical illusion is also called a “moon illusion.”

Last super moon of the year

Since the full moon at noon time, the moon is almost full on Thursday night as well. send us Here Its most beautiful #SRFMeteoBild. Then you have to be patient until the next Super Moon. Only on June 14, 2022 will the moon be as close to Earth as it is now.

Not always close

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The moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical. As a result, the distance to the ground fluctuates continuously within a month. If the distance is small, then the diameter of the moon appears about 7% greater than the average. Due to the larger area, the moon also appears brighter when seen from Earth.