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Twitter Should Become X – Elon Musk Turns Blue Bird Into White X News

Twitter Should Become X – Elon Musk Turns Blue Bird Into White X News

  • Elon Musk and Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino introduced the new logo for the SMS service.
  • A white X on a black background replaces the familiar blue bird.
  • The new logo has been on the platform since 11.18am.

Tech billionaire Musk surprisingly announced on his social media platform on Sunday that he wants to change the Twitter logo. He asked his followers if they would support changing the color scheme from blue to black. In addition, he posted an image of a stylized X in front of a black background with space motifs and also referred to the “temporary X logo”.

Today Musk got serious, introducing the new logo and also posting it on

The end of an era of 15 years

With the renaming, Musk will be stepping away from a more than 15-year-old brand that enjoys global recognition and high recognition value. However, he was determined to go ahead with the project. When Marks Brownlee wrote on YouTube that he would continue to connect to the Twitter service, Musk replied, “Not for long.”

Musk bought Twitter for about $44 billion last October. brought the service online to a new company called X Corp earlier this spring. a. has been redirecting to Twitter since Sunday. This also works when adding individual profile names to the website address – and may be the first step in moving from to

Musk has previously claimed that he wants to expand Twitter into a platform called X, which is a super app with all kinds of features modeled after China’s WeChat. However, apart from granting money transfer licenses in three US states, almost no steps in this direction have been announced.

Twitter is not resting under a mask

The logo change is Twitter’s next surprise under Musk’s turbulent leadership. The head of electric car maker Tesla acquired the group last October for $44 billion. Since then, he has turned the company upside down.


Soon obsolete: the Twitter bird

Corner stone

As one of his first acts, he fired management, halved the workforce, and embarked on an aggressive series of cost cuts. He also repeatedly announced innovations, some of which he reversed shortly thereafter. So he renamed the company X Corp. It introduced a limit on daily read messages.

Musk recently admitted that Twitter’s ad revenue has halved since the acquisition. Advertising revenue has traditionally been the central source of money for the service. Some large advertisers left the service because they feared a more negative environment for their brands under Musk. In the meantime, it’s focusing more on the subscription business.