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Diner has been selling expired yogurt since June

Diner has been selling expired yogurt since June

Visit Julia S. *, reader at, the Diner branch on Laurelplatz in Bern last Tuesday.

A look at the grocery store’s yogurt shelf raises suspicion: It’s serving cranberry yogurt that expired on June 23.

“I had to look twice,” she told “I was surprised that yogurt was still available for sale almost a month after its expiration date—without any label. Mainly because it’s a dairy product.”

Other yogurts with an expiration date of July 20 have been given discount labels.

How does this happen? When ordering, Diener says: Products that are about to expire are usually offered for sale at a discount. This also aims to combat food waste, for example. After that, they will be removed from the shelves.

The retailer explains: “This is an isolated case where a date control error occurred, and we regret that.”

Affected products will be immediately withdrawn from sale. There was no customer feedback in this specific case.

* Name known to the editors