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TV pundit Boris Becker is still waiting for a visa to the USA

TV pundit Boris Becker is still waiting for a visa to the USA

Boris Becker still wants to travel to the US Open despite the advanced tournament. The tennis legend wants to report from New York as an expert for online channel Sportdeutschland.TV and is still hoping to obtain a visa.

“Mr. Becker is still waiting for comments,” Bjorn Beinhauer told the German news agency. “If this is received before the weekend, Mr. Becker will also travel to the finale,” explained the managing director of DOSB New Media GmbH, which runs the station. The tournament ends on Sunday.

Baker has been working from home since the start of the tournament. He comments with Matthias Stach, who is on site. “The dear American authorities see this very clearly,” the 55-year-old explained during the first broadcast from New York. “Now I sit on my packed bags, so to speak, and hope every day that I receive positive news that I can get my passport and fly across the pond to you.”

Becker has been a television pundit at all three Grand Slam tournaments so far this year. He commentated remotely on the Australian Open and French Open for Eurosport, as well as Wimbledon for Sky Italia. After his early release from prison in December last year, which he spent in a London prison for making false statements in insolvency proceedings, Baker was not allowed to enter England.

As operator of Sportdeutschland.TV, DOSB New Media GmbH surprisingly acquired the media rights to the US Open from 2023 to 2027 and replaced Eurosport. When Baker was introduced as an expert, the 1989 US Open winner said he would be there in person in New York and that entry was clarified.