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Trucksters opens Express Corridor to England

Winner of the Spanish Road Traffic Launch and VR Award, Trucksters has announced the opening of a new corridor designed to connect Europe with the UK.

This will be the company’s first walk outside the EU, connecting Barcelona and central and northern Spain with the UK in 28-34 hours. By doing this, the truckers’ regular travel time of 48 hours is reduced by almost 50 percent (%). This is made possible by the AI-based truck relay system and airlines, corridors, etc., which allow start-ups to deliver air cargo times at road transport prices.

There are two main routes in the New British Corridor. The first is from central and northern Spain to northwestern Britain. The second starts in Barcelona and ends in the center of the country. Both routes pass through Calais in France and into the British Isles via the Eurotnell. To ensure a smooth process, truckers handle all customs related documents and act as a liaison between companies and border control, allowing drivers to focus on driving and delivering goods.

Award-winning business model

Trucks use AI technology and truck relay systems to keep vehicles on the road. This innovative approach reduces transit times by up to 50% and makes it 20% more cost effective. Most importantly, this system improves the working conditions of the drivers, resulting in only shorter distances to be driven. Other benefits include a 95% reduction in cargo theft risk and an easily scalable business model that allows third parties – corporations and sole proprietors – to integrate their vehicles seamlessly with trucks.

In addition to numerous prizes in Spain, Trucks won with its innovative business model This year, for the first time in Germany, VerkehrsRundschau won the VR Award in the “Digitization / Service Provider” category. (Ste)