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American gymnasts demand $ 1 billion from FBI

United States
Sexual abuse: US gymnasts demand $ 1 billion from FBI

Simon Piles is one of the victims of sports doctor Larry Nasser

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American gymnasts who fell victim to sports doctor Larry Nasser are now demanding $ 1 billion from the FBI. It is alleged that the federal police started the investigation too late.

Dozens of gymnasts in the United States are claiming more than $ 1 billion against the FBI because world star Simon Piles is the victim of a major abuse. The company will have to pay compensation for its failure in the Larry Nasser case, according to the American news agency AB on Wednesday. Gymnasts and gymnasts allege the FBI failed to act in 2015 when the first sexual abuse allegations against a former doctor at Michigan State University became known.

“If the FBI had done their job, Nasser could have stopped harassing hundreds of girls, including me,” said Samantha Roy, a former gymnast at the University of Michigan. Manly, a California law firm that specializes in sexual abuse cases, mentions Stewart & Finaldi, who say about 90 victims are looking for billions. It was initially unclear whether a case had already been filed.

The FBI investigation is limited to 2016

The trial began in 2016. Nasser was sentenced to a total of 175 years in prison with a total of three convictions. He pleaded guilty at trial.

USA: Sexual abuse: US gymnasts demand $ 1 billion from FBI

In November 2021, Nasser victims were awarded $ 380 million (€ 337 million) in damages by an Indianapolis court. The ruling puts an end to years of legal battle between the victims and the American Gymnastics Federation and the National Olympic and Paralympic teams.

In 2018, Michigan State University pledged $ 500 million in compensation. Nasser taught medicine there, and is said to have committed most of the known abuses there.