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TikTok Austria is well placed in song contest

TikTok Austria is well placed in song contest

If social media platform TikTok decides to race to the first semi-finals of the song contest, Austria will still be in the second round. TikTok is the European Broadcasting Union’s new collaboration partner in the song contest and has now developed into a very useful prediction tool for song success. In this regard, it is worth taking a look at the ESC contributions that are currently viewed particularly frequently by users or processed into videos. And here we can say: the Austrian duo LUM! X feat. Pia Maria is doing well.

The betting shops see teens with their dance techno “Halo” for tonight’s first semi-final as shaky candidates for promotion to the final. Unlike TikTok. If you look at the number of video views, Austria ranks 9th overall. Only three songs from today’s semi-finals precede LUM! X feat. Pia Maria, along with Kalush from Ukraine, also took first place in video views, followed by Mahmoud and Blanco from Italy.

It looks even better if you look at the number of videos created, that is, the number of reuses. Austria moved to sixth place here, and surprisingly, owner Harris from Germany, who can be found in the lower ranks of bookmakers, took first place.

This year’s 66 Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the Pala alpitour, which offers space for around 15,000 spectators. During ESC, it bears the name PalaOlimpico without the name of the sponsor. The first semi-final match starts today at 9 pm.. 17 countries are competing, ten of which qualify for the final.