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Hoofed animals have more space in the city park - Lar

Hoofed animals have more space in the city park – Lar

There will only be one animal species in the transforming enclosure.

(BZ). Keeping grouse deer is one of the oldest traditions of the city park. Over the years, many other species have settled on an area of ​​\u200b\u200b2000 m² – silver foxes, baboons, pot-bellied pigs, springbok and rheas. In the future, the redesigned area – as in previous times – will be allocated to fallow deer. The only two remaining animals, the pony and the llama, will remain in the city park but will not be replaced in the future.

Against this background, the case has been redesigned. The city announced in a press release that it has a new floor that is easier for animals to walk on: The worn pebbles and cobblestones have been replaced with water-logged, light-colored ones. Various combinations and divisions are no longer required and have been removed. New planting areas and terrain modeling should provide diversity and cover for the animals.

There is also an obstacle-free observing option for visitors to the city park: the staircase has been reconfigured more than two meters inside the enclosure so that guests from the north can see the animals on the lower railing without them escaping or endangering people, according to the press release.

The total investment is broken down as follows: Friends of the City of Lahr Park 60,000 euros, the Berger-Pfänder Foundation 30,000 euros, the city of Lahr 60,000 and 10,000 euros from the Stadtgulden public participation project. The work was taken over by the construction and horticulture company Lar (BGL) and the planning comes from the General Department of Environment and Environment of Lar City.