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This is what a night train looks like from the inside

This is what a night train looks like from the inside

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ÖBB launches a new night train on the route. From December, there will be, among other things, more comfortable beds for passengers. “Little cabins” are also new.

VIENNA – Night trains have seen a strong revival in recent years. More and more people are taking trains late in the evening only to wake up in a completely different place the next morning. There are more overnight train trips throughout Germany than many people think. Nightjets of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) operate on many routes. When the timetable changes on 10 December 2023, not only will a brand new night train connection from Berlin to Paris begin, but new carriages will also be used for the first time. According to ÖBB, the “new generation Nightjet” will offer, among other things, new beds and compact rooms for solo travellers.

More comfortable beds and private showers: the new ÖBB night train offers this extra comfort

There are now also seats in the compartments of the sleeping car. © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

The new generation Nightjet is a seven-carriage night train. According to ÖBB, this consists of two seating cars, three vans and two sleeping cars. There is space for 254 people on each train. It is said that in the future, travelers can expect more comfort and space in the cars themselves. This must be achieved, among other things, by reducing the occupancy rate of carriages and sleeping cars.

  • Sitting car: A multi-functional stroller with sleeping seats, bicycle parking and space for large luggage
  • trolley: Compartments for four people
  • Sleeping car: Cubicles for two, private toilet and shower, fixed beds, additional seating for working or dining
  • Small cabins: Individual sleeping spaces for solo travelers, storage space, foldable sliding table, built-in mirror, coat hook, reading lamp, luggage lockers
  • Barrier-free cabin: Compartment for up to two wheelchair users and two companions, with adjacent barrier-free toilet and low-floor access

Sleeping cars consist of cabins that can accommodate two people. According to ÖBB, permanently installed beds aim to increase sleeping comfort and ensure a more relaxed arrival to the destination. There is also a bench and table in each cabin. “All cabins have their own toilet and shower facilities,” ÖBB explains.

In 2022, ÖBB has already re-equipped the transport vehicles of its night aircraft. This also included a new interior design. According to ÖBB, there will only be space for four people per cabin in the carriage of the new Nightjet. For example, families can travel together. As in the case of sleeper cars, according to ÖBB, permanently installed beds should ensure more comfort in sleeper cars.

The new ÖBB night train also has small cabins for solo travelers for the first time

There is a blanket and pillows in a small compartment on the ÖBB night train
There is space for one person in each cabin. © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

New in the “Nightjet New Generation” are the so-called mini-cabins in the boxcars. These consist of a small lockable compartment that can accommodate solo travellers. According to ÖBB, the small cabins are equipped with a single bed, a storage area, a sliding folding table with a built-in mirror, coat hooks and a reading lamp. There are also lockers for handbags and shoes.

ÖBB presents the “New Generation Nightjet” with new charging stations and increased safety

There is a cell phone in an inductive charging station
Electronic devices such as smartphones can be charged wirelessly in the new Nightjets. © ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

A lot has changed in the cars themselves. According to ÖBB, there will be six bicycle parking spaces and more space for luggage, strollers and sports equipment in the multifunctional vehicle. There will also be some technical innovations. In the future, it will be possible to charge smartphones and other electronic devices wirelessly at inductive charging stations. All you have to do is connect the device to the designated charging area. Innovations also include:

  • Operating screen with lighting control and service call for train crew
  • Electronic access system via NFC cards and video surveillance
  • Passenger information system with current travel information
  • Free wifi
  • Options to charge electronic devices via USB port
  • Cell phone penetration window panels for better cell phone reception
  • Gateway on board ÖBB Railnet Night

ÖBB: The new night trains will also be used for trips to Hamburg

According to ÖBB, the new night trains will be used for the first time from December 10 for trips between Hamburg and Vienna, Innsbruck and Hamburg. Deutsche Bahn will also introduce its new winter timetable on December 10.

Nightjet can also be used in some other ways. This is also the case, for example, with Nightjet connections stopping in North Rhine-Westphalia. ÖBB currently offers Nightjets on the following routes with a stop in Germany:

  • Zurich – Basel – Karlsruhe – Frankfurt – Hannover – Hamburg
  • Zurich – Basel – Karlsruhe – Frankfurt – Leipzig – Berlin
  • Zurich – Basel – Karlsruhe – Frankfurt – Mainz – Bonn – Cologne – Dusseldorf – Amsterdam
  • Graz – Vienna – Wroclaw – Berlin
  • Vienna – Linz – Regensburg – Nuremberg – Frankfurt – Bonn – Cologne – Dusseldorf – Amsterdam
  • Vienna – Linz – Regensburg – Nuremberg – Frankfurt – Bonn – Cologne – Aachen – Brussels
  • Vienna – Linz – Regensburg – Nuremberg – Hanover – Hamburg
  • Innsbruck – Munich – Augsburg – Nuremberg – Frankfurt – Bonn – Cologne – Dusseldorf – Amsterdam
  • Innsbruck – Munich – Augsburg – Nuremberg – Frankfurt – Hannover – Hamburg
  • Stuttgart – Munich – Udine – Venice
  • Munich – Florence – Rome / Bologna – Ancona
  • Munich – Milan – Genoa – La Spezia

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