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This guy is supposed to shake things up at GAM

This guy is supposed to shake things up at GAM

Now we’re getting one by one. After NewGAMe appointed Swiss fund house GAM, the investor consortium also appointed a new CEO.

Investor group new game specific Randall Freeman As the new CEO of Swiss asset management company GAM. This came in a statement issued by Allianz on Wednesday. Investors have been trend-setting in GAM since a failed takeover attempt by British finance company Liontrust.

Change of boss at the end of September

“Randy” Freeman is now said to be under the guardianship of the NewGAMe group, where the French billionaire belongs Xavier Neal Pulling the strings in the background, taking charge. This comes shortly after an extraordinary general meeting has already been announced and is scheduled to take place on or around September 27. The secretariat’s board of directors will also submit its resignation during the meeting.

However, Freeman’s appointment still needs to be confirmed by the supervisory authorities. Currently working Peter Sanderson As President of GAM. He assumed his position in the fall of 2019.

From the environment of Tito Titamanti

According to the statement, the future head of the Greater Amman Municipality has 35 years of experience in the field of hedge funds and asset management. From 2017 to 2023, he was a member of the investment committee of Sterling Strategic Value, a hedge fund where the Ticino canton financier works. Tito titamante Serves as honorary president. Other positions for financial professionals include major French bank BNP Paribas and American Fortress Investment Group.

Freeman is the “ideal candidate” to lead GAM, returning the company to growth and creating long-term value for all GAM customers and other stakeholders, NewGAMe praised on Wednesday.

Are sustainable investments still needed?

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