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This camera was found after 13 years in the river

Colorado (United States)

Coral cried when she lost her camera – after 13 years she can laugh

Coral Amai lost her camera on a boat trip in 2010. She had previously taken pictures of a bachelor party and wedding that she thought had gone missing. Now she finally has them back.


The SD card these pictures come from has been in a river for 13 years.

Facebook/Coral Elise Amaiye

  • Kural Amai went on a boat trip in 2010 after getting married. She lost her camera in the river.

  • She was heartbroken because she lost all the photos from the wedding and her bachelorette party with her.

  • Now a guy found the camera while hunting and managed to find Amai through a Facebook group.

13 years ago, Coral Amai took friends for a rubber boat ride on the Colorado River. I fell off the boat and lost my camera. “When I got to the beach, the little rope tying the camera broke,” she told Today.

She was heartbroken, having previously celebrated a friend’s housewarming party and a friend’s wedding, and took pictures she didn’t want to lose. Still trying to get the camera out of the river But the water is very deep He was. “I went back to my friend’s house and cried uncontrollably,” she says.

Two years later, history repeated itself

In 2012, almost the same thing happened to her again. After a wedding, I went kayaking and lost my camera again with loads of wedding pics and a previous month-long road trip. The paddler was caught in the cam rope and thrown into the river.

This is what the camera looks like after 13 years in the river.

Facebook Coral Elise Amaiye

I thought about cameras for a long time, but after a few years I gave up hope of ever seeing photos again. But this is where Spencer Grainer came into play. While hunting, he discovers a camera that Coral lost in 2010.

Although the camera is bundled, the SD card works

The camera can’t be helped anymore, it’s totally rusty and close to falling apart, but the SD card still works. “I was so surprised I could read the SD card at all!” says Greiner. “When I saw that the photos were from a wedding and bridal shower, I thought it might be worth trying to find the owner.”

He posted some pictures to a local Facebook group and within an hour the groom commented on the post. Greiner could hardly believe it: “I couldn’t believe I could find a person in the photos so quickly.”

A little later, the two were in touch and discovered that they had mutual friends. Coral couldn’t quite remember the pictures and happily recalled flipping through the pictures.

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