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There was more going on with King Frederick and the alleged affair

There was more going on with King Frederick and the alleged affair

Dear King Frederick, how was it with TV beauty Genoveva Casanova in October?

The 47-year-old, on the other hand, was a bit more talkative. Casanova denied the allegations. She said in an interview that she and Frederick were just good friends. But the negative headlines did not stop.

Review: At the end of October 2023, cheating rumors broke out about the scandal-free prince.

Frederick was seen leaving another woman's apartment early in the morning in Madrid, Spain. The woman was the Mexican actress Genoveva Casanova, with whom he had spent the previous night. His wife, now Queen Mary (51), was in the United States at the time.

Now the cheating scandal in Denmark is entering a new round. Because the famous Spanish journalist and nobility expert Paloma Barrientos (66 years old) is now speaking out.

“The relationship between Genoveva and Frederic goes back a year. It was a much deeper friendship,” she announced on the TV show “TardeAR.”

bubble! Queen Mary – All eyes and ears closed please!

The nobility expert continues: “Frederick loved Genoveva and still loves her. “That wasn't flirting. Genoveva isn't fit for flirting.”

“It was not in vain. Genoveva is a very loving person and it is possible that Frederick is used to a certain cold.

Barrientos knows that the Danish court became aware of the matter last year. “He was delighted with this story about Genoveva. This was known at the Danish court and caused concern. “Divorcing Mary Donaldson would have been a big problem.”

But why were King Frederick and the TV beauty arrested after a long period of secrecy?

The expert has an answer for that too. “And if everything is a conspiracy by the Danish royal family. To put an end to the relationship in light of Queen Margaret's abdication?

“And if it is in her interest to raise this barrage to calm Mary down?”

Divorce between King Frederick and Mary before the coronation? The expert is also sure that would have been a problem.

“If he decides to secede as king in the future, that will be something completely different!”