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Christa Rigozzi exposes villa after internet break-in – experts warn

Christa Rigozzi exposes villa after internet break-in – experts warn

Christa Rigosi's home was broken into over Christmas. The broadcaster continues to showcase her villa online. Expert warns.

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Instagram – Christa Rigosi explained in this video that “something bad” had happened. Only she knows exactly what.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Christa Rigosi's home was broken into.
  • You can see a lot of photos of the house on her Instagram channel.
  • An expert warns against this

The thing about private posts on Instagram is always something…

Some people are happy when stars show their privacy, others can't help but be amazed…

However, one thing is for sure: thanks to these special shots, thieves are having an easy time these days. A prime example: Last summer, Sylvie Mays, 45, was the victim of a robbery.

Sylvie Meiss with an expensive Hermès Birkin bag in her hometown of Hamburg. – Instagram/selfie

Thieves stole expensive handbags from a stylish luxury apartment in Hamburg (Germany). Spicy: Sylvie Miss has previously posted about her luxuries in the luxury apartment at regular intervals.

But since the break-in, such photos that attract thieves have disappeared from her Instagram page.

Sylvie Mays' house was broken into. – Instagram/selfie

In stark contrast to Christa Rigosi (40). You can still like many shots from the villa in Monte Carasso TI on her Instagram page.

Everything Thieves Need: Free Insider Information from Christa Rigosi's Home. -Instagram/christarigozzi

When asked Rigozzi's management, they simply said: “We are not making a statement on this matter.”

Opinion poll

Do you post a lot of personal information on a social media channel?

Never, everyone can see it.


Yes, wealth must be shown.


The Rigozzi family was robbed over Christmas. Christa, her husband, and the twins were in Zermatt at the time. Fortunately, the family was not injured, Rigozi said in a video.

“A week ago I approached you here. “Our house was broken into over the holidays,” Krista Rigosi announces now.

Christa Rigozzi in her living room… – Instagram/christarigozzi

“I am a very emotional person and the event shook me deeply. Those who have experienced something similar can relate to this. “For others, I'm glad they don't know that feeling.”

Since then, opinions have varied. Many fans think it's great that Rigozzi continues to share her experiences. Others cannot believe their eyes and ears.

Expert warns Christa Rigosi of another break-in

Security expert Bikim Mzee from Swiss Security Group knows how dangerous it is to broadcast your life on social media these days.

While Christa Rigozzi was out in the snow with her family, something bad happened at home. -Instagram/christarigozzi

In an interview with, he says: “Photos from inside a home can provide potential thieves with detailed information about the room layout, security systems, valuables and potential access points.”

And: “This increases the risk of another break-in. Sharing information about vacations, absences, or valuable new purchases can attract unwanted attention to the home.

“In Ms. Rigosi’s case, this would be the case because it is in the public interest,” the expert said.

And Christa Rigozzi isn't the only celebrity with many special engagements. Stars like Luca Hani (29) and Stephanie Berger (46) also frequently show off the inner workings of their homes and apartments.