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There is not a single manufacturer that pays for water damage to a cell phone

There is not a single manufacturer that pays for water damage to a cell phone

A supposedly waterproof cell phone can quickly cost 1,200 francs. BUT: If it falls down the toilet and no longer works, you still have to pay for it yourself.

Apple doesn't offer a warranty against water damage on iPhones, even though newer models are supposed to be water-resistant. (Icon image) – Pixabay

The basics in a nutshell

  • Many smartphones are marketed as water resistant.
  • In the event of water damage, manufacturers will not cover the damage.
  • One expert advises handling the devices with caution despite their “water resistance.”

Big disappointment for an iPhone owner from Bern. He falls into the water with his phone in his pocket. Although he was only in the water for a few minutes, his smartphone was damaged. There is no compensation from the manufacturer.

This raises questions because: The iPhone 13 mini is sold as waterproof. “Nothing should happen to the cell phone for up to 30 minutes and at a depth of up to six metres.” This is what the manufacturer Apple promised.

Apple isn't alone in this: Obviously, no mobile phone manufacturer will cover water damage repairs. According to the specialized portal “Connect”, this is also done by Huawei, LG, Sony and even the flagship Samsung.

Despite the promises, water damage to a “water resistant” cell phone is not a warranty claim. How does that fit together?

It is impossible to know how long a cell phone has been in the water

Communications expert from Comparis, Jean-Claude Frick, sheds light on the matter. “Even if it doesn't really make sense to the users, I understand the procedure,” he says. Reason: Water resistance has been tested in very specific environments and is also certified with an IP rating.

This is the so-called different levels of protection against dust and water. “If water damage occurred because the cell phone was in the water too long or too deep, it can no longer be determined.”

Opinion poll

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in water?

Yes, but after that it was still working without any problems.


Yes, unfortunately it was damaged.


In the event of water damage, the manufacturer has no way of knowing whether the device is faulty or not. Or whether the device has been in water too deep or for too long. “For this reason, responsibility is denied across the board.”

Despite all the understanding, Frick criticizes cell phone manufacturers, saying: “The warranty exception in case of water damage should be better identified. For example, with a note on the packaging.”

Experts advise: 'Don't go swimming with your cell phone'

Despite the promise of being waterproof, the expert urges caution. “Even if it is stated as such, you should never rely on its water resistance.”

This means: Do not enter the bathtub or swim in the sea with your cell phone. “It's best to treat your smartphone like you did a few years ago, when no cell phone was waterproof.”

If something happens, there's still a good chance the device will remain intact. For example, in the classic case when a cell phone falls into the toilet. “But I wouldn’t challenge that,” Frick warns.