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There is even a risk of internal bleeding if taken

There is even a risk of internal bleeding if taken

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The manufacturer’s pills may contain broken glass, which is why they are being recalled and should not be consumed under any circumstances.

Update from November 13, 1:40 p.m.: Food manufacturer puur bio has expanded its recall of beans in 340g packages. Previously, only run numbers ranging from LB122222.46000 to LB122222.49000 were affected. However, according to, the company is now also warning that the lot number range LB121230.48000 to LB121230.53000 may contain broken glass.

The company previously announced that the glass broke during production, which is why the presence of fragments in individual glasses cannot be ruled out. Customers are strongly warned not to consume the affected products. Meanwhile, the Federal Office of Food Safety is currently warning against the sausage product.

Original article from November 6, 11:35 a.m.: Munich – Preserved foods are often purchased in advance. However, if you have stored products recently, you should check the products you purchased again. One manufacturer of ground beans had a break in the glass, so there may be shards in it. Therefore, under no circumstances should beans be consumed. The product is under recall. These pills are:

a tool Just pure pills
Quantity of content 340 grams
Come here LB122222.46000 to LB122222.49000

Beans recalled due to broken glass and the manufacturer warns against consuming them

The green bean manufacturer writes about this in one notice: “Unfortunately, the glass broke during production. If you have purchased a bowl of pure beans from the batch number range (…), please do not consume it. Please report the glass to your store and it will be replaced.” People who purchased the affected product and have questions can contact the manufacturer . To do this, you can use the number 02851-539869 0 or send an email to [email protected].

The beans are healthy, but glass shards were found in one manufacturer’s product. That’s why they are on recall. (Avatar) © Imago

The manufacturer’s warning was not in vain, because eating broken glass and other foreign objects can be very dangerous. In the worst cases, this can cause internal injuries and even bleeding However, there are still occasional recalls due to the presence of foreign objects, as happened recently with a piece of Parmesan cheese in which a splinter was also found.

Beans can contain broken glass: If you develop symptoms after eating them, seek medical help

If you notice a foreign object such as broken glass while eating, spit it out immediately. If the foreign body has already been swallowed, in no case should laxatives be taken This can actually exacerbate the risk. Anyone who experiences symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, increased salivation, pain or bleeding after taking it should seek medical help urgently.

Glass splinters can occur, especially with foods filled in glass containers. Caper products from Netto were recently recalled for this reason.