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The world’s largest battery will soon be in Australia

Giant battery from Tesla, South Australia. (Photo: Hornstale Power Reserve / Neon)

In order to be able to save electricity from renewable energy, Australia is building the world’s largest battery – the former coal mine. The system must have an output of 1,200 MW.

In 2017, Tesla had an employer Elon Musk As part of a race in South Australia The world’s largest battery in 100 days so far Established – as an intermediate storage for electricity generated from renewable energy sources. The 100 MW system It is said to have helped stabilize the power grid, prevent blackouts, and save money on attached homes. Since then, other providers have started or planned such large battery systems. The new record-sized battery will be operational soon.

The 1,200 MW battery is scheduled to launch in 2023

The CEP-Energy Fund, which specializes in renewable energy, announced on Friday that it would begin construction of a 1,200 MW plant by early 2022. A year later, the world’s largest battery is set to launch. In the long run, the temporary storage facility will help ensure that the former coal block of Hunter Valley quickly transitions to eco-friendly power generation. According to CEP Energy Chairman Morris Aima, large batteries will play an increasingly important role in the future, closing gaps in the removal of electricity generation from coal and gas.

At 1,200 MW, the Hunter Fence project will be the world’s largest battery Bloomberg Reports. The title is currently by the Moss landing project in the US state of California, which is expanding into the operator Vistra 400 MW system. However, other projects in Australia deny the current leader’s place in the rankings. This is because Origin Energy and Neon, a French company based in the Australian state of New South Wales, are planning 700 and 500 MW of systems, respectively. Neon currently operates another 300 MW plant in Victoria, Australia.

Umweldfunds is planning a major virtual power plant

Bloomberg writes that CEP-Energy should soon issue an official tender to find a battery supplier. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the California electric car manufacturer has batteries for the Neon The Hornstale Power Reserve Project operates in Australia Given. In addition to the physical electricity storage facility, CEP-Energy also plans to build a large virtual power plant that will be built across Australia by connecting solar systems and battery storage systems.

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