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“The two days leave plenty of room for the unexpected” - the festival in Landenberg begins in the second round

“The two days leave plenty of room for the unexpected” – the festival in Landenberg begins in the second round

Christina Jesse

Christina Jesse

It’s been three years since the last edition of Landäbärg Unplugged Festival. Now Sarner Heimberg will once again turn into the pinnacle of singing, dancing and partying.

The second edition of the festival will be held on August 26 and 27. And this year, too, the mantra of “Here for all” remains true. “Artists come from central Switzerland, catering from Obwalden and guests from everywhere,” the organizers wrote in a statement. With this philosophy, a meeting place is created in Landenberg, where unique encounters are possible and everyone should feel welcome.

“In the latest release, there was a mixed audience of three generations,” says Head of Communications Patrick Berchtold On Demand. “We hope to do the same this year.” This is possible, because the music played at the Landäbärg Festival is, according to Berchtold, a colorful mix, and therefore attracts not only young people, but also old people.

“Non-amplified” fits Landenberg

Also this year, visitors can look forward to Landenberg’s diverse and multi-genre music program. The show ranges from classical sounds to contemporary Swiss folk music and independent folk music to a cappella and Irish folk music.

As it says “unplugged” in the name of the festival, no electronic guitars, synthesizers, or the like are used during performances. “It’s important for us to be able to deliver high-quality music,” says Berchtold. According to him, experienced musicians especially play without speakers. Playing without plugging in requires a lot of artists. “We also think this ‘uninflated’ goes well with the atmosphere of Landenberg, which will be staged in both days.”

The organizers are especially excited about the musical performances, because the days have seen some surprises. Artists alternate in two self-constructed stages “Bärgbühni” and “Füürbühni” or even appear together. “It’s possible that bands are together that haven’t done this before,” Berchtold says. You can also improvise, for example. For him, it is already clear: “The two days leave a lot of room for the unexpected.”

Show what the region has to offer

There’s a practical reason to celebrate the event in two days instead of just one, unlike last year: “We do a lot of things ourselves, just like the stages. We’re sorry we had to take it all apart again after just one evening,” Berchtold says. One hopes that it is worth leaving them for two days. “Our goal is to be able to offer visitors added cultural value from the region.” This must be ensured by regional artists and offer to serve local food. “Friends from school or from the neighborhood make food, beer, or wine, for example,” says Berchtold. Some of the artists are from Obwalden or Nidwalden. All this can be “packed” into Landenberg and show what the region has to offer.

Although organizers will be following the weather report closely over the next few days, the event will take place regardless of the weather. Presales have started successfully. There are tickets over here.