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The trailer introduces the new Rivals mode

The trailer introduces the new Rivals mode

“Ghost of Tsushima Legends”, the multiplayer mode for “Ghost of Tsushima”, is now also available as a standalone title.

In line with the release of the standalone version, which costs 19.99 euros, “Ghost of Tsushima Legends” has a new game mode called “Rivals” which is a bit intimidating in the “Gambit” mode of “Destiny 2” Oriented. As part of a newly released trailer, the developers of Sucker Punch bring you the new mode in more detail.

Two teams fight for victory

In “Rivals” mode, two teams compete against each other and try to win by defeating AI opponents and collecting “Magatama”. “Magatama” can be looted from killed enemies to unlock curses that can hinder the other team’s progress. If you collect enough, you can also start fighting against the last wave of especially stubborn enemies. The first team to successfully complete the last wave wins.

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In addition to the “Rivals” mode, the latest update to “Ghost of Tsushima Legends” brings with it a new equipment control system. This allows you to complete the corresponding challenges in which you can raise your level 110 ki equipment to level 120. This enables you to unlock a second feature slot and other skills.

With a harder version of “Trials of Iyo”, other “Rivals” or new survival cards, “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends” will receive free bonus content in the coming weeks.

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