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The Swiss patronize Natty Luca, but stingy

The Swiss patronize Natty Luca, but stingy

Luka Lutenbach became a big Natty fan overnight. For today’s match, Switzerland even offered a plane ticket – but only in economy class.

The basics in brief

  • Luka Lutenbach is a passionate fan of the Swiss national team.
  • His emotional reaction to the equalizer against France was successful.
  • Switzerland offered him the trip to the quarter-finals today – Economy Class.

He’s the hero of the hour: Luca Luttenbach. The 28-year-old Jurassic showed pure passion in the Nati match against France. His emotional outburst when balancing the last minute makes him Hit the internet overnight – And the biggest fan of the Natty ever.

Even today, Lautenbach cheers for his beloved team live from the stands. Switzerland offered the supermarket a trip to St. Petersburg as a place. It effectively puts it online.

Pictures show the super cheerleader and the Swiss crew cheering in business class.

But: he was not allowed to sit – on the contrary. For the flight, Luca had to take an economy class seat,’s press office confirmed.

BUT: For Luca, Swiss is worth it either way. We are proud, not only of that Swiss national team, but also to be the official partner of our super fan,” writes Swiss Twitter.

Do you think it’s good that Switzerland offered Lucas a trip?

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