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Scandal expulsion costs Nate a semi-final chance

Scandal expulsion costs Nate a semi-final chance

78 minutes ago, as Remo Froeller walks off the field in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals. The decision is very difficult – and it costs Switzerland their chances.

Remo Froeller sees the red card. – SRF Sport

The basics in brief

  • Switzerland fails in the European Championship quarter-finals on penalties against Spain.
  • For 45 minutes, the Swiss team was playing more than a number.
  • The chapter against Remo Freuler is causing a lot of misunderstanding.

Frustration and disappointment – it’s awesome After the quarter-finals from Switzerland At Euro 2020. In a penalty shootout, bravely playing Natti was defeated against Spain – about 45 minutes into the match.

Is expulsion from Remo Freuler justified?

Opinions differed in the dismissal against Remo Froller in the 78th minute. The Atalanta legions climb hard against Gerard Moreno in a duel. But Freuler is clearly hitting the ball – and contact with Moreno was nothing but excessive effort.

Wrong decision ends the Swiss European Championship 2020

However, referee Michael Oliver is almost too eager to get to the red square. And VAR doesn’t turn on either – Freuler has to take a shower 78 minutes early.

This means that the Swiss hope to struggle playfully to make a decision are gone. What follows is 45 minutes of strong Spanish play – obviously Switzerland was the better team before they were sent off.

No wonder the dubious decision of the English referee is causing heated debate. “Once again the red card for absolutely nothing,” even soccer icon Gary Lineker complains.

Michael Oliver is dragged across cocoa on social media. Some even suspect color blindness, others sympathize with the “stolen” Swiss.

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