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The French demand a new edition of the Round of 16 with a petition

The French demand a new edition of the Round of 16 with a petition

The French may still be a bit angry after the end of Euro 2020. A petition has demanded a replay of the match against the national team.

Jan Sommer saves a penalty kick from Kylian Mbappe. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • The French are demanding a replay of the Round of 16 against Switzerland.
  • A similar petition has already been signed by hundreds of thousands.
  • They claim that Jan Sommer’s penalty show is erratic.

The French are clearly bad losers. petition called for one He lost the last sixteen repetitions against Switzerland At Euro 2020. The reason: our parade Penalty Champion Jan Sommer It was irregular.

The petition launched on Wednesday was signed by 270,000 fans. The initiator claims that our national team goalkeeper fired a shot from Kylian Mbappe He did not stand on the line.

The text of the petition reads: “We demand the disqualification of Switzerland and the restoration of the game. You have to exercise according to the rules – and that evening the rules were ignored.”

Euro 2020: Petition for round of 16 servants overburdened

Since the operators of the petition page are reporting a blog post, their page has been completely overridden due to this issue. Servers were completely overwhelmed. About the penalty kick it is written: “On closer examination, the goalkeeper’s foot was not on the goal line, and evidence has also been published by many media outlets.”

The author therefore spoke to the author to find out how he would like to proceed with his petition. He said he preferred to stop them.

In the end, she says: “Let’s be good players. The Swiss deserved their victory and the French were not undeserving to fight to the end.”

Will the Swiss national team also expel Spain from the European Championship?

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