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The superior battery outperforms the competition

The superior battery outperforms the competition

In the eyes of many fans, Tesla has already outpaced the electric car competition. But Volkswagen & Co. are excited about the flagship’s wake. The newly developed battery should change that — and help Tesla increase production.

The Panasonic name is usually associated with televisions in this country, although the devices can no longer beat the best dogs of Samsung and LG. But the Japanese electronics maker can do more: It’s been like this for years Panasonic batteries in Tesla electric cars. With the latest new developments, Panasonic aims to break the boundaries of what was previously possible.

Tesla wants to stay ahead – with super batteries from Japan

Panasonic has now introduced a prototype of a new battery, called 4,680 cells, in Japan. The new development should use the previous batteries in the Tesla Models S and X (1865 battery) as well as the Model 3 and Y (2170) In terms of amplitude by a factor of five (Those: n-tv).

However, since a single cell will likely be much larger and therefore fewer cells must be used per battery, the total output will likely not double. But one seems to be realistic Increase energy density by about 20 percent compared to the previous cells.

But: With batteries still the most expensive single component in electronic cars, the biggest savings potential is hidden here, as electric cars could become more affordable in the future. Tesla is said to be using new Panasonic batteries Cut production costs in half Wants.

It’s not clear if Tesla will pass those savings on to customers – but according to Tesla chief Elon Musk, it’s about boosting electric mobility. Affordable entry prices may be beneficial.

Either way, the number of Teslas cars on the world’s roads is likely to increase exponentially over the next few years. The goal at Tesla: By 2030, the Production increased a hundredfold Thanks to the superior Japanese batteries.

Elon Musk – The eccentric Tesla boss has other irons in the fire. In the Video We will tell you the following:

Is it still about the range of Tesla? Not with battery

Initially, however, this should still be used on more expensive models. Chinese batteries are already being used in cheaper Teslas. It is also conceivable that the 4680 battery cells can be used for Use an increase in the maximum range in the Range Plus . variants will. However, for now, the main focus is on security when it comes to scope Advanced Shipping Network – Crown on fast charging You should give up on Tesla.