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The start of the National League – Gutierron shows morale and celebrates the opening victory over Lausanne – Sport

The start of the National League – Gutierron shows morale and celebrates the opening victory over Lausanne – Sport

  • Friborg Gautieron celebrates its 3-2 extra-time victory over Lausanne in the first match of the new National League season.
  • Christophe Bertschi scores the decisive goal in the French-speaking Swiss derby 51 seconds into extra time.
  • In normal time, Goteron made up the deficit twice.

In the end, the sold-out hall in Freiburg remained on fire: it was Christophe Bertschi who scored Freiburg-Gutieron’s opening 3-2 win over Lausanne 51 seconds into extra time. The returner Chris DiDomenico fired it off with a great through ball. For the home team, this was a well-deserved reward for the significant improvement in performance in the final section.

The first goal of the season has been a long time coming

It took 36 minutes to score the first goal of the 2023/24 season. The goal was scored by Lausanne’s Andrea Glauser, but Freiburg’s defender Ryan Gunderson made a decisive save.


Celebrations of the first win in the first match

Gottieron celebrates top scorer Christophe Bertschi.

Fresh Focus / Pascal Muller

The goal for the guests of Vaud became clear. Although Gautieron had their best chance up to that point with a shot from Dave Sutter at the post (18th minute), there was no sign of the home team in the second third until Lausanne made it 1-0: shot stats were 1:14 in this one. the time.

Goteron is unlucky in this position

Shortly after falling behind, Gottieron again complained about aluminum’s bad luck: Sandro Glauser hit the outside post with more pucks than he could count. At the beginning of the final period, the perimeter also saved Lausanne: Marcus Sørensen’s shot rebounded off the post.

Immediate reaction after 1:2

But Freiburg showed a completely different face than they had in the middle third and were now in control. The deserved equalizer came in the 52nd minute: Jacob de la Rose blocked a shot from ZSC debutant Lukas Wallmark with his skate to make it 1-1.

Then, things went in quick succession: after three-and-a-half minutes, Mackay Holdener restored Lausanne’s lead, and just 21 seconds later, Benoit Jecker equalized again with a powerful wrist shot, securing the first extra time of the opener. This season.

And this is how it continues

Lausanne are away again on Friday (at Bern), while Freiburg take on HC Davos. In addition, the program includes the first full round, with which the remaining teams also start the new season.