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Football – Borussia Dortmund coach Terzic criticizes the match against Bremen – Sport

Football – Borussia Dortmund coach Terzic criticizes the match against Bremen – Sport

Dortmund (dpa) – Borussia Dortmund is upset about the date of the Bundesliga match against Werder Bremen on October 10.

The match was scheduled to take place on Friday evening after the next international break, with the national team traveling to the United States. Borussia Dortmund coach Edin Terzic said: “It is logical that we would have preferred to play on Saturday,” but he added: “But that is not my topic now. The match is played in six matches. We play four more times in the German League.” And twice in the Champions League until the time comes.”

Dispute with DAZN

According to information received from the newspaper “Bild”, Sebastian Kehl, Dortmund’s sporting director, has made contact with the German Football League regarding the appointment. So streaming service DAZN plans to play the game on Friday.

The scheduling of this week’s Friday match between Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen also sparked dissatisfaction between the two clubs after the international matches that had just ended. However, Terzic believes the two cases are not comparable. “The number of national players is the same for both of them. So both teams are exposed in the same way. It is different for us because we have now made the biggest block with the German national team and the match now does not take place on Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning, and we are not expected to have players,” Terzic said. Until very late.”

Next trip to the USA

In October, the German national team will travel to the United States to play two matches. The second match with Mexico in Philadelphia will not take place until two o’clock in the morning on Wednesday, according to German time.

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