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The siege continues despite military and police control in Peru – Brenza Latin

After a major military and police clearance operation to normalize access to Lima with the presence of 59 detainees, only five blockades remain, as well as an unnamed number of partial roadblocks, said the head of the department, Eduardo Gonzalez.

He also said that the forces stationed to normalize traffic would act immediately in any attempt to close the roads and arrest the culprits.

Gonzalez headed to the official part of the conversation with the National Transport Union, which has been on strike since last Monday to reduce the price of the diesel they use, raising more than 40 percent this year, and other demands.

Union leader Javier Marchezi, for his part, called for the resignation of the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Gonzalez and Economy Minister Waldo Mendoza dismissed the carriers’ demands as impossible and serious, and offered to reduce diesel prices more than the strikers demanded and to refund some of the tax added to fuel prices. .

“Unemployment will continue and under these conditions they will not be able to force us to work,” said Marseille, adding that 80 per cent of transport companies are no longer profitable due to the increase in fuel.

Gonzalez, for his part, said he was ready to resume conversation on the condition that the strike be called off, noting that he had generally observed a positive attitude from carriers.

However, he warned that detainees arrested would be criminally punished because road closures in Peru are considered a crime by penal law.

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