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The roof of the cinema in Konstanz collapsed – when will films be shown again?

The roof of the cinema in Konstanz collapsed – when will films be shown again?

Movie fans may have shed a tear over the past few days. The cinema in the Lago shopping center in Konstanz has been closed since Thursday 8 February. The sign on the door and the note on the home page provide brief information: “Dear guests, your safety comes first! Due to short-term repair works, we have to close the cinema temporarily.

A sign informs moviegoers that screening of films is not currently possible. The cinema will remain closed until February 14. | Photo: Scherer, Aurelia

There will be no film screenings until Wednesday, February 14th. In response to SÜDKURIER's inquiry, Lago Shopping Center Manager Peter Herrmann explained the reason: “A drywall element fell in the cinema – no one was hurt.”

In plain language: parts of the roof collapsed. According to the manager, the items had come loose from the roof cladding. They were soaked from the rain. Repair work is already well underway. “Such incidents are no longer expected to occur in the future,” the Lagos press office says.

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Cinema operations are likely to start again on Thursday

Herrmann is optimistic that the strips can flash across the screen again as of Thursday, February 15. “Because we have dedicated craftsmen alongside us working at full speed despite the Carnival holiday, cinema operations can resume mid-week,” he says.

This is not the first time the roof at the shopping center has caused problems. It wasn't until September 2023 when it leaked into the cinema lobby. Water was collected in buckets and plastic boxes. Moviegoers had to walk around yellow projection screens that read “Warning: Slip Hazard.”

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The adjacent rooftop construction site, where a rooftop terrace with a restaurant is currently being built, was also affected at the time. Herman explained in September that special drains had been built there so that water could be drained in a targeted manner.

By the way, the leaky roof is not a result of construction work on the roof terrace, but natural signs of corrosion. “The flat roof is 20 years old. Cracks can appear,” Herman explained in the summer.

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